Pine3 Consulting S.p.A. Via Tartaglia, 24 20154 - Milano, Italy | P.Iva 07527540962 | Cap.Soc. € 50.000,00 i.v.


Pine3 Consulting is serving banking and financial industry; our skills and expertise allow us to communicate with:

• Financial and banking Association

• Banks

• Financial intermediaries (Asset Management companies)

• Vendors of IT solutions

• Outsourcing companies for administrative processes

• Research and consultancy companies


Pine3 Consulting adds to professional advice for specific projects its proposal of Temporary Management and Transition Management.

The use of these services is taking place in Europe as one of the favored models to manage the acceleration of change and innovation in enterprises.

This solution is targeted at companies that go through phases of structural changes of the organization in order to rapidly increase its operating performance, economic and management.

....We are operating on the market for a short time, but we had the honour to offer our services to some major national and international counterparts